The Week in Housing: Up, 99, Up, Nothing, Boom.

5FF Feb 23 2024 Rightmove’s “Asking Price” Index Up: Hunt mulling 99% taxpayer-guaranteed mortgage lending Lenders Raise Rates Bank of England nothing burger makes big headlines BestAgent “People’s” open source House Price Index targets overvaluing culprits and beats hackers

What hope for housing?

The highly-deserved undoing of the Conservatives won’t be Labour. It will be their own shambolic incompetence. A government can only function well if the team running it actually behaves like a team, not like a bunch of posturing glory-seekers. There is a time for individual jostling in politics, a bit like transfer season. Maybe for… Continue reading What hope for housing?

Moving home in 2024

This time last year the message from the moving industry was “everything’s fine, 2023 will be fine”. For movers, whether you were buying or selling (and even ignoring prices) 2023 was the most difficult year for moving home in recent memory as transaction volumes reduced and lending tightened, with lenders making many more down-valuations on homes… Continue reading Moving home in 2024