The Week in Housing: Up, 99, Up, Nothing, Boom.

5FF Feb 23 2024 Rightmove’s “Asking Price” Index Up: Hunt mulling 99% taxpayer-guaranteed mortgage lending Lenders Raise Rates Bank of England nothing burger makes big headlines BestAgent “People’s” open source House Price Index targets overvaluing culprits and beats hackers

The Week It All Changed.

5 Fact Friday – 16 Feb 2024 ONS December House Price Index continues to be confuseless. January Inflation Unchanged Again at 4.2%: GDP – We’re officially in Recession: GDP Per Capita – We’ve been in recession for 2 years already:,Source%3A%20GDP%20first%20quarterly%20estimate%20from%20the%20Office%20for%20National%20Statistics,-Notes Commercial Property Debt Time-bomb close to detonating: Bonus fact, for… Continue reading The Week It All Changed.

Everything’s Fine! No. No it’s not.

please no not again

Five Fact Friday –  9 Feb 2024 House Prices Up! *NOT* RICS – “The worst is over!” *NOT* Mortgage Rates UP. Mortgage Arrears UP. Valuation Requests Record High

Festive Final Five Fact Friday of 2023

5FF 1 Dec 2023 Fact 1: Bank of England October Mortgage approvals up. (They couldn’t have got much lower). Zoopla Nov HPI. – 6 year supply high. £18,000 average discounts from asking price. Used car market crashing 4.2% in one month Government botches leasehold reform legislation. New legislation for property listings announced … Continue reading Festive Final Five Fact Friday of 2023