What hope for housing?

The highly-deserved undoing of the Conservatives won’t be Labour. It will be their own shambolic incompetence.

A government can only function well if the team running it actually behaves like a team, not like a bunch of posturing glory-seekers.

There is a time for individual jostling in politics, a bit like transfer season. Maybe for around 6 months in each political term.

But the rest of the time, you’re on the team and the team needs to function for the sake and benefit of the people and their future.

You put your personal ambitions to one side for your time on the team. If anything, your contribution to the team and its function should be so outstanding that your personal ambitions will fulfil themselves on the back of your results as a team player.

Conservatism is deeply flawed, just not quite as deeply flawed as socialism.

When it works well, it lifts everyone with opportunity.

But without an inspiring vision and ruthless leadership, the team will always squabble and behave like kids fighting over the last cupcake.

I’m not aware of any leadership of sufficient quality in either main party.

Which means no functioning government on the horizon.

Just more politicians fighting each other for prominence.

Which means as far as housing (and therefore almost everything else) is concerned, I’m afraid we’re fucked for the foreseeable future.

Our future is in the hands of a leaderless posse of unfit ministers (and shadow ministers) and a rotten system.

Sunak will be seen to have presided over one of the worst failures of government in recent memory. The worst of the lot.

Theresa May was honourable but lacked leadership.

BoJo was objectively very effective, but his own worst enemy as well as the victim of party stupidity (“Let’s remove the PM who won the biggest majority since the 80s!” How did that work out? Boneheads.)

Liz Truss? Naive and lacking authority (as well as the basic skills of the job)

Sunak. Initially impressive as Chancellor (whether or not you agreed with his policies) but a backstabbing schemer. Now: Unelected, ineffective clever-dick whose unawareness of the terrible state of the country is matched only by his lack of self awareness and humility.

The Tories are very good at making their mess look like Labour’s mess. Be under no illusion that’s now what’s being prepared for.

Barring a major unseen (but welcome) curveball, we’re almost certain to get Keir Starmer as the next PM.

Boris may have babbled, but can you imagine Keir leading a meeting and getting anything other than mocked behind his back by his cabinet? I don’t dislike him, and he’s achieved much that can be respected, but he’s no leader. He just doesn’t have the presence.

As inexperienced as she is, I’d rather see Angela Rayner as PM than Starmer. She doesn’t take anyone’s shit and you mess with her at your peril.

That’s what a leader should be like.

But that’s not going to happen.

Welcome to 2024 everyone. The only thing worse than 2024 will be 2025.

I fear that the only, slim chance of fixing housing (and therefore our future) will be by taking matters into our own hands. Seriously.

I’ll explain soon.

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