Speak to Charlie

Do you have moving questions you’d like answering? There’s a few ways to get your Q’s infront of me.

Due to an extremely high number of messages I’m unfortunately unable to answer every message but if you’d like to ask a question we’d love to hear from you.

If you would like an answer we have three options

Send a video message

Send your question in a short video message, approx 30 secs long that you allow us to publish on his channel and Charlie will answer this publicly if this question/answer is helpful to other movers (Replies are not guaranteed)

Join the Private Buyers Livestream Q&A Group

This member group is an experimental group to try member-only FTB livestream Q&A sessions, early access to certain videos and private messages being answered. Charlie will endeavour to reply (Not guaranteed)

One to One Live Video Call with Charlie in private

Book 30 or 60 min private video call with Charlie to talk through your moving plans and help you work out what you need to do. (Guaranteed time with Charlie)