It’s getting harder to sell your home.

5FF 10th May 2024 Brit Retail Consortium Figures show Retail sales fell 4% in April Housing Ladder Broken – Building Society Report. London Stock Exchange Red Flag Report Failing Businesses RICS April Survey: Stock Levels Climb, buying interest levels off Bank of England Base Rate held at 5.25% Left out:… Continue reading It’s getting harder to sell your home.

5 Fact Friday 8 March – Great news

5FF 8 March 2024 Jan 2024 Transactions fall 10% on year earlier, 20% on December. 2023 Mortgage Lending lowest in 50 years – UK Finance UK Spring Budget 2024 – CGT Cut from 28 to 24%, Stamp Duty holiday ends, Holiday Lets tax break ends,6.6%20Housing,-Barking%20%E2%80%93%20The OBR: 2026 before house prices rise… Continue reading 5 Fact Friday 8 March – Great news

The Week in Housing: Up, 99, Up, Nothing, Boom.

5FF Feb 23 2024 Rightmove’s “Asking Price” Index Up: Hunt mulling 99% taxpayer-guaranteed mortgage lending Lenders Raise Rates Bank of England nothing burger makes big headlines BestAgent “People’s” open source House Price Index targets overvaluing culprits and beats hackers

“It’s carnage.” 5 Fact Friday 6 Oct 2023

Charlie and baby daughter Daphne

Video of this: podcast: Confused mortgage comparison site says average house prices will fall £50k in 2024. Nationwide BS. Yoy unchanged -5.3% Rightmove rents Roof falls in on house building as interest rate rises slash demand Halifax September House prices yearly falls accelerate