Halifax v Rightmove?

Halifax says “house prices” rose in December 2023, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Rightmove’s December 2023 index says they fell, monthly and yearly. Question: Why would sellers be lowering asking prices across the board if actual house prices were rising? Think about it. Then you decide. My view: You are being gaslit by the debt salesmen.… Continue reading Halifax v Rightmove?

What hope for housing?

The highly-deserved undoing of the Conservatives won’t be Labour. It will be their own shambolic incompetence. A government can only function well if the team running it actually behaves like a team, not like a bunch of posturing glory-seekers. There is a time for individual jostling in politics, a bit like transfer season. Maybe for… Continue reading What hope for housing?

How much should you offer on a home?

Could you sell it again for what you’re offering? If not, it’s too much. Never pay more for anything than you are sure you could sell it for the next day. Especially a home. Exceptions:

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BestAgent December House Price Index.

To confound my critics (and possibly confuse my followers) the December BestAgent Asking Prices Index (from my own website, still in beta) shows “sold” volumes up 3% month on month in England, but both average and median “asking” price figures have risen. More deals being agreed is good news for everyone. But the rise in… Continue reading BestAgent December House Price Index.

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The Worst Agents.

I genuinely wonder how agents who do this sleep at night. Today I had a call from someone who booked a 1-1 video call with me a few months ago to discuss her purchase. She was due to exchange and complete today, but said “something doesn’t feel right”. The conduct of the agent in question… Continue reading The Worst Agents.

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Moving home in 2024

This time last year the message from the moving industry was “everything’s fine, 2023 will be fine”. For movers, whether you were buying or selling (and even ignoring prices) 2023 was the most difficult year for moving home in recent memory as transaction volumes reduced and lending tightened, with lenders making many more down-valuations on homes… Continue reading Moving home in 2024

Two Kinds of Estate Agents.

There are two kinds of estate agents: All of the misleading and overvaluing that is carried out on a daily basis by “everyone else” is only possible because of the lack of transparency. I hope to change that, by bringing total transparency to current market prices: an almost real time “exchange price index”. It wil… Continue reading Two Kinds of Estate Agents.

Vote Laxative!

The very concept of left and right wing politics is as outdated as the political system itself, and only serves those who would polarise us in line with the age-old (but still effective) “divide and conquer” strategy. I don’t think that politicians themselves are even aware that they operate within a defunct system that is,… Continue reading Vote Laxative!

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Festive Final Five Fact Friday of 2023

5FF 1 Dec 2023 Fact 1: Bank of England October Mortgage approvals up. (They couldn’t have got much lower).  https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/statistics/money-and-credit/2023/october-2023 Zoopla Nov HPI. – 6 year supply high. £18,000 average discounts from asking price. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/discover/property-news/house-price-index/ Used car market crashing 4.2% in one month  https://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/used-car-price-crash-continues-with-trade-values-falling-4-2-again-in-november/293687 Government botches leasehold reform legislation.  https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/bill-to-ban-leaseholds-doesnt-ban-leaseholds-ministers-admit-g9mvh27dw New legislation for property listings announced … Continue reading Festive Final Five Fact Friday of 2023