The Worst Agents.

I genuinely wonder how agents who do this sleep at night. Today I had a call from someone who booked a 1-1 video call with me a few months ago to discuss her purchase. She was due to exchange and complete today, but said “something doesn’t feel right”. The conduct of the agent in question… Continue reading The Worst Agents.

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Moving home in 2024

This time last year the message from the moving industry was “everything’s fine, 2023 will be fine”. For movers, whether you were buying or selling (and even ignoring prices) 2023 was the most difficult year for moving home in recent memory as transaction volumes reduced and lending tightened, with lenders making many more down-valuations on homes… Continue reading Moving home in 2024

Two Kinds of Estate Agents.

There are two kinds of estate agents: All of the misleading and overvaluing that is carried out on a daily basis by “everyone else” is only possible because of the lack of transparency. I hope to change that, by bringing total transparency to current market prices: an almost real time “exchange price index”. It wil… Continue reading Two Kinds of Estate Agents.

Vote Laxative!

The very concept of left and right wing politics is as outdated as the political system itself, and only serves those who would polarise us in line with the age-old (but still effective) “divide and conquer” strategy. I don’t think that politicians themselves are even aware that they operate within a defunct system that is,… Continue reading Vote Laxative!

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Festive Final Five Fact Friday of 2023

5FF 1 Dec 2023 Fact 1: Bank of England October Mortgage approvals up. (They couldn’t have got much lower). Zoopla Nov HPI. – 6 year supply high. £18,000 average discounts from asking price. Used car market crashing 4.2% in one month Government botches leasehold reform legislation. New legislation for property listings announced … Continue reading Festive Final Five Fact Friday of 2023

In defence of agents: Movers can be just as bad.

Jack Terry

“Buyers are liars.” It’s an old saying among some estate agents. Today’s video interview with south London estate agent Jack Terry, and in particular the reaction in the YT comments from some of the buyers watching, reminded me just how much people don’t understand the harsh realities of the process of selling a home. The… Continue reading In defence of agents: Movers can be just as bad.

No, Nationwide. That’s what got us into this mess.

please no not again

Nationwide Building Society begs for a government bailout for first time buyers and savers. 20 Nov 2023 NATIONWIDE CALLS FOR MORE SUPPORT FOR FIRST-TIME BUYERS AND SAVERS Nationwide wants greater government support [aka free money] for first-time buyers and savers ahead of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement as rising costs delay owning a home and building… Continue reading No, Nationwide. That’s what got us into this mess.

5 Fact Friday 17 Nov 2023

5FF 17th Nov 2023 Job Vacancies fall for 16th straight month Headline Inflation drops to 4.7% but Owner Occupier Housing costs need watching. ONS September House Price Index – prices fall -0.5% monthly and show first annual fall in average UK price since 2012 ONS October Retail Sales fall -0.3% – We’re paying… Continue reading 5 Fact Friday 17 Nov 2023

2024 will bring about the end of estate agency as we know it, in a good way.

There’s one thing that’s not in dispute: A fall in transaction volumes is bad for everyone who needs or wants to move house. It’s also bad for the multi-layered industry that makes it’s living from these transactions. A painful but cathartic rebirth of the moving industry is underway. Whatever happens to house prices as 2024… Continue reading 2024 will bring about the end of estate agency as we know it, in a good way.