2024 New Rules for UK Home Sellers from National Trading Standards

NTSELAT New Material Info Requirements 2023

The National Trading Standards Estate and Letting Agency Team (NTSELAT) are implementing new requirements for material information to be included in property listings.

Part A came into place in 2022 and requires information that, regardless of outcome, is always considered material for all properties. Such as council tax banding, tenure, and price/ monthly rent.

Parts B and C were published on 30 November 2023. Parts B and C require additional information to be published with a listing which are property specific.

Part B will be required for all properties and includes information about utilities and non-standard information which may affect a purchaser’s decision such broadband coverage, parking restrictions and mobile telephone coverage.

Part C requires information established on a property-by-property basis such as flood risk, covenants on the title, easements, or Build Safety Act issues.

Obtaining the information for Part C is likely to be more difficult to establish from the seller themselves unless they have kept all the information from when they purchased. It is therefore essential that Sellers instruct their Conveyancer prior or simultaneously to marketing the property to assist with obtaining all such information that would be needed for marketing the property to ensure that issues such a restrictive covenants or boundaries are addressed as early in the transaction as possible.

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