House Price Fall Cover-Up?

calculations showing house price falls using land registry data
House Prices are falling faster than reported

There are lies, damned lies, and the Office for National Statistics.

In the latest release, the ONS reported annual house prices to August 2023 actually ROSE 0.2%.

But the data in the image, taken from raw Land Registry data, shows annual average house price falls of -12.6%.

Is there a cover up?

Average House Prices have fallen -12.6% already according to raw Land Registry data.

-19.6% for Flats

-19.6% for terraced houses

-6.0% for semi detached houses

-14.2% for detached houses

This, is raw Land Registry data showing annual (yoy) average house price falls to September.

It shows semi-detached houses are most in demand, with all other property types falling in price twice or three times faster.

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