Justified Housing Rage

When it comes to the state of the housing market, there are millions of very, very angry people.

This justifiable anger leads to countless statements containing a phrase like “All [insert group] are scum.”

There is no group of people of any kind anywhere in the world who are all the same.

This inaccurate oversimplification achieves absolutely nothing, not even catharsis (which anger usually achieves).

In fact, you’re making it worse.

Someone (American) said: “Don’t get mad, get even.”

This is a smart attitude.

Channel your energy/anger/rage/passion into something that makes a difference; otherwise you will just get angrier as nothing changes, and end up dying in a foamy rage of your own making.

Step 1: Stop saying “All [type of people] are the same.”

It’s never true, not ever. It’s not an intelligent statement.

But worst of all, it’s a waste of emotional energy that could actually be channeled into making a difference so that fewer people in future will be fucked over as badly as you have been.

So what’s it going to be? More self-destructive rage that leads to even more people avoidably suffering your same fate?

Or will you use your experience and short existence to make a difference?

The only thing worse than what happened to you, is you wasting the opportunity to stop the same thing happening to more people.

Because, isn’t that being just as bad as the people who did it to you in the first place?

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