Vote Laxative!

The very concept of left and right wing politics is as outdated as the political system itself, and only serves those who would polarise us in line with the age-old (but still effective) “divide and conquer” strategy.

I don’t think that politicians themselves are even aware that they operate within a defunct system that is, to all intents and purposes, now “owned” by those in real power, unaccountable as they are.

The problem is, if you have devoted your career to serving within an outdated, ineffective institution, the last thing you want is to actually know that.

But as long as they are in denial of this, the problem will persist as none of them will risk their careers to change it.

So, in a nutshell, we’re stuffed.

The only possible way out is an election where everyone votes for anyone BUT the two main parties.

That would shake the system and those in it out of its stupor.

Because, frankly, anything would be better than more of the 20 years of political and governmental constipation we’ve endured.

Vote laxative!

Then the broken housing market that’s holding back the whole of society might stand a chance of recovery.

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