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Founded on Passion

Founded by Alison Kuhn, The Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultancy offers mental health training and coaching in the corporate and the private sectors. Mental Health problems cost the UK industry on average of £35 billion per year. With staff retention, reduced productivity and absenteeism being the top three costs to business. The Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultancy offers performance and staff centred solutions to bring better mental health and wellbeing to workplaces thereby increasing productivity levels and reducing staff turnover. With specialists in mental health, psychometric testing, a full clinical psychologist referrals programme and neurolinguistic programming we provide the rounded service that will allow your company to thrive in an ever more competitive environment.


Founded by Alison Kuhn

Our passion at The Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultancy is to bring preventative measures to business to allow management and staff to understand themselves and their colleagues thereby reducing the overall number of mental health incidents and reduce exorbitant associated costs. By providing workshops, training and wellbeing experiences we look to empower your most important resources with the resilience and skills to help not only themselves but others. In situations where a colleague has suffered a mental illness, we work to bring awareness to your teams to make their return to work as manageable as possible. Underpinning our work are the six themes of the wellbeing wheel. We use these with the aim of helping your organisation to tailor its training to embed its unique wellbeing values, making your organisation a place to thrive. Using the directives put in place by the UK Health and Safety Executive as well as working within the guidelines set out by MIND and the British Psychological Society we provide an ethical and quality service that will benefit your company financially and make it the first among equals.

Mirroring the training aspects of our business we offer 121 coaching for those who feel it necessary to focus in on specific aspects of their wellbeing. Using a range of skills and techniques we look to raise personal awareness and help the seeker to find their individual solutions. With a total of well over 50yrs of experience, our specialists have the skills and understanding to truly benefit your staff.

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